Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems is the worlds leading provider of VHF and UHF ground-to-air communication solutions. Park Air has a full service offering in civil and defense environments. Dedicated research and design teams guarantee Park Air communication solutions are tailored to individual requirements ensuring flexible and dependable performance. They have an installed base across 175 countries gives Park Air a global presence and local expertise.
ADB Airfield Solutions is the world’s leading airfield lighting technology company providing advanced, integrated and sustainable solutions for visual guidance to the ICAO and FAA markets.
rich Ricochet AS develops innovative recording solutions, the recording solutions are primarily targeted for the ATC, Public Safety and Compliance market. The company has produced the state of the art Ricochet Recording & Replay System for the Air Traffic Control market.
Barco Barco is a recognized international leader and pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of real-time graphics display systems and software components for the ATC. They are also a leading provider of flow management systems for Air Traffic Control services.
sab Saab Sensis Corporation is a global provider of air defense, air traffic control, airline and airport operations management, and data integration and distribution. The company serves a global client base and is actively involved in industry organizations and working groups worldwide, helping to address critical issues and develop innovative, real-world solutions.
exel Exel is a leading composite technology company that designs and manufactures composite. Exel produce Frangible Airport Safety Approach Masts, Glide Path Towers, Telecommunication Masts and Airport Safety Fencing.
MALMS TMS Photometrics is a world leader specialising in the photometric measurement and management of Airfield Ground Lighting Installations. TMS Photometrics’ MALMS (Mobile Airfield Light Monitoring System) is the most advanced example of the mobile photometric technology now recommended for the most advanced airports.
Fernau is a leading supplier of ground based navigation aids for military, naval, and civil aviation needs plus sophisticated direction finding equipment for the world’s navies, harbour authorities and coastguards.
nexans We use Airfield Ground lighting power cables from Nexans. As a worldwide leader in the cable industry, it offers an extensive range of cables and cabling systems to raise industrial productivity, improve business performance, enhance security, enrich the quality of life, and assure long-term network reliability.
Imtradex Imtradex is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality headsets. Imtradex develops, produces and distributes hear-/ talk-solutions for both, common use and special requirements. Stratech Systems Limited is a Singaporean based company that has developed iFerret™, designed to detect and classify foreign objects, as well as pinpoint their location. Stratech is recognised as a leader in innovation and Technology and is extremely entrepreneurial, developing and implementing advanced technology solutions that achieve significant business transformation and competitive advantage for its clients.
ACAMS ACAMS AS is an integrated solution provider for monitoring and control requirement of an Airport Tower.
Traditionally, noise has been the key environmental constraint to airport development and the overlap between noise, climate change and air quality requires airports to address each environmental challenge in a comprehensive framework. B&K work closely with over 230 airports on 5 continents to meet environmental challenges, both today and into the future.
Combitech is a business unit within SAAB group. They have in-depth expertise in the supply of weather systems intended to be used at different sizes of airports, from small domestic landing strips to large international airports. Combitech offer turn-key solutions including sensors, installation, training and commissioning.
ASW Technology from Denmark develop intelligent quad beam photoelectric sensors, designed to enhance safety around restricted areas at airports in all weather operations.
Sensource SenSource will provide three technologies for Bayanat Engineering Qatar to resell in the Regions of Qatar and United Arab Emirates.  These technologies include our IP addressable sensors: AccuTrac PC-VID3 Series, ActiVid PC-VAIR Series and Thermal Imagining PC-THI60-G Series.Our Intelligent Imaging sensors are our top of the line most accurate systems for counting people directionally.  They are IP addressable devices that are Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).  Each device requires to be connected to either a POE switch or to a POE injector to provide power to the camera.  You will be responsible for supplying the POE switches or injectors as these are standard devices that you could source.

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