Airside & Airfield Lighting

BAYANAT AIRPORTS has a wealth of experience on Airside Systems, ranging from Airfield Lighting to vehicle guidance systems. Airside Operations are responsible for many complex and vital tasks on the runways, taxiways and aprons at an airport. These often include allocation of aircraft stands and baggage claim belts, inspecting the runways and aprons to ensure they are clean and free from hazards and environmental impact. This includes systems monitoring wildlife activities and noise levels, controlling obstacles, inspecting facilities and auditing ground handlers and refuellers.  Below is a full list of our Airside and Airfield Lighting Systems:

A.   Instrument Landing System (ILS) and landing DME

Supply, installation and commissioning with ground checks and pre-flight check preparations and flight check co-ordination and support. The sub-systems we have deployed include Localiser, Glidepath, DME, Middle Markers, as well as far-field monitors and all the antenna systems and networks/Remote Control/RMM associated components. Our experience covers the following world leading manufactures:

i.         ILS/DME from Selex USA

ii.         ILS/DME from Normarc/Indra Navia, Norway(previously Park Air Norway)

iii.         ILS/DME from Thales

iv.         Landing DMEs from Moog UK (previously Fernau Avionics)


B.   VOR/En-route DME

Complete systems installation with equipment calibration and flight check support for the following list of manufacturer:

i.         Thales,

ii.         Selex USA,

iii.         Toshiba Japan,

iv.         Indra, Spain


C.    NDB (Non-directional beacon)

Systems supply, installation and commissioning on turnkey basis including Transmitters, Changeover unit, Antenna Tuning Unit and the antenna/earth mat systems

i.         NDBs from Southern Avionics,

ii.         Nautel,

iii.         Fernau- (now called Moog).


D.   Runway hotspot monitoring system

Supply, installation and commissioning of this system which is similar in functionality to the GMR, but using CCTV camera technology to monitor the threshold and touchdown areas of the runway. Manufactures we have experience with are:

i.         Searidge Canada- Part of NavCanada


E.    Air Field Lighting(AGL)

Design, supply, install and commissioning of complete AGL solutions including CCRs and ALCMs. Manufactures which we have experience with their products are:

i.         ADB,

ii.         Siemens,

iii.         Honeywell and

iv.         Safegate product lines,


F.    MET Systems

Supply, install and commission several type of MET systems with experience on the following manufacturer products:

i.         Vaisala Finland,

ii.         Allweather Inc. USA,

iii.         Mtech Australia.


G.    FOD (Foreign Object Debris) Detection Systems

Supply, install and commission of FOD Detection systems for the constant monitoring of the runways, with experience on the following manufacturers’ products:

i.         QinetiQ,

ii.         Stratech Systems.


It is notable to say that BAYANAT offers also full comprehensive support & maintenance services for all the above mentioned systems under a Service Level Agreement befitting mission critical operations. During and beyond vendor factory warrantee time period.

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